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Making Your Bad Ideas Great Ones

One of my favorite sources of good ideas is to create bad ones. Bad ideas, really bad ones, get the creative juices flowing. It helps me get in the flight or fight mode and do a better job exploring the … Continue reading

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Creating Ideas That Can Get You Fired

When was the last time you created an idea that could get your fired? I’m not talking about something illegal, immoral or unwise. It’s those grand, outside-the-box ideas that make your managers’ teeth hurt. Not the good ideas we frequently … Continue reading

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Connecting the Dots

Tweetups? I don’t get it – a bunch of techno-geeks getting together over a beer with the only thing in common is that they tweet? I get the beer part, you don’t need an excuse for that, but tweeting? Okay, … Continue reading

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The Creative Marketer

One of the reasons I enjoy digital and social marketing is the dynamic nature of things. The tools & processes we use to engage customers are constantly evolving and opportunities for innovation are around every corner. I started rereading Daniel … Continue reading

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