Using Microsoft Kinect to Engage Trade Show Attendees

One of my favorite events for Microsoft employees is the company’s internal technology fair called TechFest. We get to see some of the coolest technologies that the researchers have been working on. As an event marketer, the technology that I see which has the greatest potential for trade show exhibitors is the Microsoft Kinect sensor. The Xbox Kinect is one of the fastest selling game devices which uses  motion, facial and voice recognition to create the game interaction. Last month , the company released the Kinect for Windows SDK which allows the Kinect sensor to work with PCs.

One of the coolest TechFest demos I’ve seen is outlined in this video from Microsoft Research called the Holoflector. It uses the Kinect sensor, augmented reality, a mirror and an LCD monitor to create incredible digital effects.

At trade shows, exhibitors look for ways to attract attention, engage attendees and create dynamic branded experiences. Using the Kinect sensor in creative ways has the potential to create Wow experiences on the exhibit floor. Some ideas:

  • Develop digital experiences which allow attendees to interact with your brand in unique ways that they could not do in reality.
  • What could you do with multi-user experiences and gamification on the exhibit floor?
  • How can you make these experiences larger than life?
  • Search for Kinect videos on the web to get ideas on some of the incredible applications developers have created with Kinect and connect the dots to fit the trade show environment.
  • Integrate several different types of media – don’t think of it as just a 2-D TV experience.

I’m excited for the potential that the Kinect camera can bring to the trade show experience. We’re only limited by our imagination. Have you created or seen an exciting  application using the Kinect for Windows at an event? Let me know in the comments.

[Scott Lum is an employee for Microsoft. The ideas are my own and not necessarily endorsed by my company]

About Scott Lum

Disruptive digital, social & content marketer with a passion for customer experience. Formerly with Microsoft.
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