Integrated Marketing Through Virtual Events

Last year I wrote a blog on Bringing Virtual Events into the Mainstream. I’d like to add one more component: the value of virtual events lies in the ability to engage customers in rich ways while integrating social, mobile, digital and traditional marketing efforts. Instead of looking at each channel as a silo, how can we use in-person and digital events as an integration point for these efforts?

Marketing integration through the filter of F2F and Digital Events:

  • F2F & Digital Events as a marketing hub: One of the things I like most about in-person and digital events is that they bring a variety of marketing channels together in one place, at one time. Event marketers can integrate social, digital, localization and traditional marketing efforts. This gives us a great opportunity to get the various channels working together in synergy. It’s also important to tie those channels with larger corporate efforts and not limit them to the event itself.
  • F2F & Digital Events as a component of a year-round Content Management strategy –Use a regular cadence of rich interactive content to build customer trust and thought leadership. Create a spectrum of low cost to high quality digital and f2f events to engage, entertain and educate your audience. Intertwine these events with your other content distribution channels.
  • F2F & Digital Events as part of a community & relationship building effort. For a community manager content is still king. Having fresh content and engaging with your audience face to face and through social channels during an event can be valuable. Look for ways to amplify the voice of your community through content curation or have them participate authentically through your events. Look at ways to stream low cost webcasts to your community web site or integrate live streaming into your Facebook or YouTube channel.

By integrating various components of in-person and digital events with your other digital, social, mobile and traditional marketing you can create a nearly unlimited combination of ways to engage your audience throughout the customer journey. As we find ways to bring the costs down and simplify the process, digital events will be an invaluable component to the marketers toolkit.

What do you think it will take to bring virtual events into the mainstream?

About Scott Lum

Disruptive digital, social & content marketer with a passion for customer experience. Formerly with Microsoft.
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