Another Digital Marketing Blog

I’ve been debating whether to start yet another blog on digital and social marketing for the past year. There are already great resources and smart thinkers on the subject and was not sure if we really needed yet another voice. But after much thought and encouragement from co-workers I’ve decided to start sharing some of my thoughts. As a marketing manager at Microsoft for the past five years, I manage the digital events (webcasts, podcasts, video, hands-on virtual labs, etc.) program for TechNet and MSDN. It’s been both a blessing and a challenge to drive marketing change in a big company. I also created an internal resource for marketers to share and collaborate on digital and social marketing ideas within the company, which has been my internal blog of sorts for the past three years. My hope is provide some marketing  perspective from a big company that can be used for smaller businesses as well. The views on this blog will be my own and I’m not blogging on behalf of my company.

My vision for this blog:

  • Be an echo chamber for digital & social marketing with my personal thoughts on how to make them actionable
  • Embrace disruption and challenge the marketing status quo
  • Drive change – locally and globally – one idea at a time

This should be fun and look forward to your thoughts.

Scott Lum

About Scott Lum

Disruptive digital, social & content marketer with a passion for customer experience. Formerly with Microsoft.
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